Equinox Festival 2020

By University of the Arts (other events)

4 Dates Through Feb 09, 2020

The Equinox Festival is an annual student written, produced, directed, and designed festival of four new plays during The University of the Arts Ira Brind School of Theater Arts Spring Season. 

Summer of ’69 and the Children of the Bad Revolution                                                              by Andrew Miqueli, Directed by Monti Cerbino, Music Directed by Brendan Connors                After a band of flower children's chances of stardom are in questioning, their egomaniacal leader convinces them to start a revolution. This dark comedy follows the darker directions given to the Family by the Son of Man.

The Tirinty Test                                                                                                                           by Trey Kraus, Directed by Mel Ferlise                                                                                          The creation of the first atomic bomb was one of the greatest technological achievements history had seen up to that point, and it caused immense suffering and destruction unlike anything before it. This play uses this event as a lens for examining the consequences, both good and bad, of technological advancement through the philosophical debates of some of the greatest minds in history.

Momentos                                                                                                                                   by Cecilia Castro, Directed by James Bruenger                                                                            Movement, mourning, and dialogue in one act. Momentos is the story of a LATINX country at war with colonizers, and the journey of two revolutionaries who are doomed by Earth's cyclical existence. The piece explores the weight of what we say and how we move as we fight and live.

Liar on the Starship Limpidius                                                                                                  by Cianon Jones, Directed by Briana Gause '19                                                                        In the far future the descendants of Earth live aboard America’s Starship Limpidius; in an effort to bring about global unity through collectivist ideals, the government has eradicated the existence of shadows in order to raid complete control over society’s perception of time and personal concepts of self reflection. With the only measurement of time being that of the artificial invention: stark light, a potent lighting chemical that emits through bulbs throughout the ship and simulates a remote-controlled sun, theories and questions of lifespan, afterlife, and multiverse have been banned from belief. Starship Limpidius operates under the “Be Now” laws where anyone who dwells on the distant past or expansive future of the individual self is a threat to national security. The system works until Huey, a young citizen of the basin caverns, suffering from insomnia after the sudden passing of his lover, Vida, grabs the attention of Shadow, a refugee shadow brought out from elsewhere. Together the two work to dismantle the metaphysical limitations of the Starship Limpidius' control over the boundless mind with theories of parallel realms riding the coattails of perceived reality.

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