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3 Dates Through Feb 18, 2018

ICECREAM by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Emily Cooper ('18)

Husband and wife, Lance and Vera, travel to the United Kingdom in hopes of connecting with Lance's British ancestry. There they meet a sibling duo of distant relatives who appear to be the key to Lance's search, but turn their world upside down and drag them into a murder coverup. Set in the Reagan/Thatcher 1980s, Ice Cream explores our idealized views of they countries we reside in and what it means to be family.

Assistant Director: Trey Krause
Dramaturg: Sam Mendel
Stage Manager: Kereni Sanchez MacEira

Lance - David Tibbs
Vera - Mary McCabe
Phil - Cameron Farrell
Jaq - Krystal Ortega
Man - Jacob Kemp
Woman - Sol Madariaga

Mailing Address

320 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19106