Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

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5 Dates Through Feb 23, 2020

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

by Alice Birch                                                                                                                    directed by Allison Heishman and Tamanya M.M Garza                                                  A wildly experimental and inventive new play that does not behave. Playwright Alice Birch has put together a grouping of vignettes that ask how to revolutionize language, relationships, work, and life in general while bursting at the seams of conformity.

The New World Order

by Harlod Pinter                                                                                                                directed by Josh Thorps                                                                                               Des and Lionel stand and discuss what they are going do with the prisoner who sits blindfolded on a chair before them. They taunt the silent victim with speculatory chit-chat that intimates the torture that is to follow. Lionel breaks down in tears because he loves his job so much, it makes him feel "so pure". Des replies he is "keeping the world clean for democracy".


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